Margot feels successful in her teaching when she sees her students’ entire bodies and minds are immersed. The combinations she creates utilize multiple developmental movement patterns to engage the bodies, and unique structures and musicalities to challenge the minds of her advanced dancers.

When working with younger dancers, she uses a more selective approach to ensure that the underlying movement concepts are solid before building upwards in complexity. By creating age-appropriate exercises, her students have long-term success within different techniques and their knowledge of movement can grow.

Margot's approach to dance education is to create individual awareness through corrections and improvised explorations such that the dancers can understand themselves within the context of dance class, and then carry that confidence out into the rest of their lives. She feels that a healthy level of body awareness and independence can only be achieved by this kind of dance training, and that her students leave her training with a new level of appreciation for their bodies and themselves.

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Margot recently attended the Summer Dance Institute for Teachers at the Creative Dance Center in Seattle, WA. Anne Green Gilbert and Dionne Kamara shared their philosophies of Brain-Compatible Dance Education, the BrainDance, and the benefits of creative dance on top of technique.


This workshop has strongly impacted Margot's teaching style and goals, such that all of her classes now feature the 5 Part Lesson Plan structure that allows dancers to explore, create, perform, reflect, and learn technique in every lesson. 

Click here to learn more about how Margot uses the BrainDance, the 5 Part Lesson Plan, and Brain-Compatible Dance Education.

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